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    As a family owned burgers restaurant, we know how important community is. We love serving delicious food, including steak, seafood, and burgers, to the Cleveland, OH area.
    Nobody beats our service! We love seeing people enjoy our food, and we love welcoming new customers in for their first taste of amazing food from Deon's Restaurant.
    Wild tastes? Picky eaters? We'll take all comers! From lobster to bean burgers, we have a menu that can satisfy any palate.

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Hamburger Restaurant

Nothing beats a tasty, juicy burger! At Deon's Restaurant, we've been serving American food like this for years in the Cleveland area of Ohio, and as a proud hamburger restaurant, we love every part of the process. There are lots of options to choose from, including veggie burgers. If you've never tried one of our delicious bean burgers, you don't know what you're missing.


A steak is the quintessential American meal, and Deon's Restaurant loves serving this classic dish to the people of Cleveland, Ohio. As a steak restaurant that has been in business for years, we pride ourselves on tasty food, easygoing service, and an unbeatable atmosphere. This American restaurant knows how to do American food the right way!

Seafood dining

Deon's Restaurant serves all kinds of delicious food, and we're happy to include seafood on that list! Cleveland, Ohio has enjoyed amazing lobster and other seafood dishes since we opened our doors. Come in to this fish and seafood restaurant for the best the seas have to offer!

Soul food
Soul Food

If you have a burning hunger nothing else could possibly fill, try some of the soul food from Deon's Restaurant! There's nothing more American than fried chicken, cornbread, cobbler, or fried fish, and this American restaurant loves to serve it out to hungry customers in the Cleveland area of Ohio! Soul food restaurants aren't just in the south anymore!


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